Welcome to EAST

  • EAST stands for Environmental And Spatial Technology 

    EAST is a project-based, service-learning class that provides students with the most current, high-end technologies available. However, EAST is much more than a “computer class.” At heart, EAST is a coordinated attempt to provide today’s students with an educational atmosphere that allows them to gain insight into their own abilities to acquire and use information, solve problems, and gain valuable experience in utilizing some of the most sophisticated technology available. EAST students routinely interact with hardware and software in animation, computer-aided design, engineering design, 3D visualization, database design, webpage design, programming, office automation, global positioning systems, and geographical information systems. The students, working in teams, tackle sophisticated service-oriented projects. In the process of solving these problems, the students learn to become creative, intuitive and adaptable learners who can solve unpredictable, real-world problems while learning valuable communication and collaboration skills working with the community.