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JHS Students Win at Worldfest

Jessieville High School students from Elizabeth Mehlin's Spanish 2 classes participated in World Fest on October 8. WorldFest is an exciting multicultural festival that offers students a variety of multicultural learning experiences.  This was Jessieville's second consecutive year to participate in the annual event that takes place in October at War Memorial Park in Little Rock.  For the competition, students research, learn and present cultural facts and information about an international country and presentations are judged. Mrs. Mehlin's class was given Spain as their country and were required by their teacher to write and present all of their learning in Spanish. They created a 7 foot tall presentation board to display their research, and two students dressed in Spanish costume: one as a matador and another as a flamenco dancer. Out of 46 teams competing in the World Cultural Fair Contest the Jessieville students won second place overall.