Updates 3/17/20

COVID-19 Updates - March 17, 2020

Jessieville administrators came together this afternoon to share news and reflect on day two of the school closing. Child Nutrition Director Theresa Stockrahm shared that the district distributed 437 meals today (lunch and breakfast), which included a variety of sandwiches and fresh fruit, among other items.

Administrators joined bus drivers and paraprofessionals today to assist with today’s food and AMI packet deliveries. Members of the admin team reported how great it was to be greeted by familiar faces throughout the routes, sharing that they enjoyed seeing kids in their pajamas in their driveways with their dogs. One principal expressed gratitude for the opportunity to get to know students outside the school campus, stating, “I enjoyed putting faces to houses and locations. There was a high school student who is usually a car rider, but he was outside at the bus stop in his t-shirt and shorts today picking up breakfast and lunch!”

JSD Tech Department reported at today’s meeting that Chromebooks are still available for checkout at the school. We also have devices for sale for 50 dollars each in the administration office. As for community members who do not have internet access at home, please utilize the Jessieville hot spots outside the Foshee building on campus and at the Boys and Girls Club. The network is called “School Wi-Fi” and does not require a password.

If our families need hygiene products, the school nurses have shared that we do have a supply of these items available in our personal care closets, thanks to the generosity of those who have previously donated. These supplies include laundry detergent, deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc. If you have questions about these items, please send us a private message through our Facebook Messenger or contact one of the school offices.

Mr. Packard and Coach Saveall would like to relay this info to middle and high school students: If any student still does not have paper copies of AMI work, please call the office before 9:00 tomorrow morning to make arrangements for receiving these materials. Students can pick up work in the office or have it delivered via bus. Please let us know which method you prefer, and we will accommodate you. The middle school office number is 501-984-5610. For the high school office, call 501-984-5011.

Superintendent Melissa Speers is continuing to follow Governor Hutchinson’s advice concerning the safety of our students and families. She would like to remind Jessieville families to avoid being in public as much as possible, and is urging them not to leave the state.