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Homeless Information Center

Welcome to Homeless Information Center

The Jessieville School District assesses the “housing status” of each and every student by using relevant, first-hand data to determine if any student qualifies for services as provided for under the McKinney-Vento Act.  This Federally mandated act requires any public school district to assess and exam if any student lacks a fixed, regular, or adequate nighttime residence. It is also concerned with any students that are awaiting placement into foster care and/or any students that are not in the physical custody of a legal parent or legal guardian.

Students determined as falling under the coverage of the McKinney Vento Act have the following rights:

  • Immediate enrollment in the school they last attended or in a school in the district in which they are currently staying even if they do not have all of the documents normally required at the time of enrollment, without fear of being separated or treated differently due to their housing situations.
  • Transportation to the last school (school of origin) the child was enrolled in prior to becoming homeless or enroll and attend the school the child is zoned for.
  • Access to free meals, Title 1, additional educational programs and transportation to extra-curricular activities to the same extent that it is offered to other students.


For further questions or information Contact:

                       Eddie Picking

 McKenny -Vento District Liaison-Jessieville School District

                    (501) 984-421

Contact Information

Eddie Picking
Homeless Liaison
(501) 984-4212