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Meet the Principal

Mr. Toby PackardMr. Toby Packard

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Jessieville High School.

JHS has a rich tradition of academic and extracurricular success and there is a lot of pride and support from our community. If you are trying to decide on a choice of schools, Jessieville School District is a great place to get an education. We have several new programs in place, and in development, all designed to personalize the learning experience and development of each student. We have a new agriculture program this year which will offer several new career pathways and will complement our other career tech programs. We are also exploring an academies model for our high school. With student, staff, and community support, this model will provide many college and career pathways for our students and will offer job-shadowing and internships opportunities as well. In anticipation, we have moved to a block schedule that offers longer class periods to support these shadowing and internship opportunities.  We also have a HUB program called Synergy Academy on campus that provides opportunities and methods for certain students to receive their education in a flexible and less-structured environment. We are also able to continue to offer no-charge breakfasts and lunches to all our students which provides significant savings for our families.

If you haven't been involved in your child's education, it's not too late. Overwhelmingly, parents that are involved in their child's planning and preparation have more successful students. It makes little difference what your experience was in school or how much education you have. If your child knows you're involved and holding them accountable, they likely will be successful. 


With Lion Pride,

Toby Packard


Phone: 501.984.5011


Degrees and Certifications:

Ed. S. Arkansas State University
M.S.E. Henderson State University
B.S.E. Henderson State University