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Thank you Teachers!

Posted Date: 05/03/2022

Thank you Teachers!

In January and February of each year, small groups of seniors have lunch with Mrs. Speers and Mr. Packard. During this lunch, seniors are asked to name positive things about the Jessieville School District. In recognition of our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, we wanted to share some of the positive things Jessieville seniors shared this year about our teachers.

-Staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and reach out to help

-Everyone always listens to the needs/wants of students

-Want them to succeed and help them

-Teachers are nice and treat the students with respect

-Teachers have personal knowledge of students

-Teachers are helpful and open for questions

-Teachers see them as people

-Teachers are easy to work with

-Staff is nice and open to helping

-Can go to any staff member and get questions answered

-Staff care about students

-Teachers have a good attitude about what they are teaching

We are thankful for the wonderful Jessieville teachers and staff!